This Analog World Clock Can Display 24 Different Time Zones Automatically


At first glance, the World Clock appears like any desk clock that you can place on your writing table for checking on the time of day. Except, it’s no ordinary clock, as it comes with a unique ability that allows it to show the time in 24 different time zones.

Made by Korean firm 11+, it’s an analog clock that automatically adjusts the hours and minutes, depending on which time zone you want to see. That’s right, an analog clock with an automatic time-changing mechanism. Whether you want to check the time in New York, London, Paris, or any of 20 other places, this clock is exactly what you need.


The World Clock has a round exterior, with names of cities from different time zones etched along the outside edges. When you want to see the time in Tokyo, all you have to do is roll it so that the Tokyo etching ends up on top, prompting the hands to adjust position and show the time in that city (you’ll need to hold it, so it doesn’t roll back). Same when you want to see the time in Paris or Chicago. After you’ve checked, simply release your pressure on the clock, allowing it to roll back automatically to the default time zone (which you can set by removing the backplate and pressing a button inside). Dimensions are 8.5 cm in diameter and 5.9 cm in thickness.


Available in gray, blue, and orange, the World Clock is priced at $49.