Wooden Cloth Expanding Table Has A Tabletop That Folds Like Fabric


With a name like Wooden Cloth, you’d expect this creation to be a fabric that is somehow made from wood. Well, no. Instead, it’s an expanding table whose tabletop rolls down on the side just like it was a piece of cloth.

Designed by Dackelid Form, the table uses a top similar to wooden placemats with multiple lengths of wood that allow it to fold like a much softer material. It’s clever, apart from adding an interesting accent to a versatile piece of furnishing.


When extending, you simply grab the handle on the side of the Wooden Cloth that you want to lengthen and pull it towards you, which will unroll the top and pull an extra table frame out along with it. To contract, you simply push from the bottom, which will cause it to roll to the side. Construction is locally-grown ash with a transparent Osmo oil finish.


According to the designer, the design will allow the table to adapt itself in size to different situations, allowing it to become a dining table one moment, a writing table the next, or even a side table for holding the popcorn while you run through a marathon viewing of The Wire, the greatest show in the history of television. Ever. Of all time. Yes, I’m talking to you, Breaking Bad fans.

Learn more about the Wooden Cloth from the link below.