Voltasol Pot Spins On Its Axis Every Time The Wind Blows


Like other plant pots, the Voltasol comes with a chamber that can be filled with soil for growing a plant, with integrated facilities for expelling excess water to keep your flora healthy. Unlike them, it features a semi-conical bottom that allows the pot to move, allowing it to swivel on its axis when the breeze blows, apart from facing a different direction when spun by hand.

Designed by Xavier Mora, it’s meant to add a kinetic dimension to erstwhile motionless pots, making your garden or window sill just a little more interesting during windy days. You can also use it to make sure the plant faces the sun, which can help when setting up a plant indoors with minimal access to natural sunlight.


The Voltasol’s bottom ensures it always sits tilted to one side, just like a stylishly-worn hat, allowing you to use the pots to add a unique decorative element. Despite the unusual bottom, it keeps things traditional in other ways, with a handmade terra-cotta construction and a two-tone colorway. It comes in two sizes: large (290 mm height and 280 mm diameter base) and medium (190 mm height and 180 mm diameter base).


Available in five different colorways (natural, white, pink, yellow, and copper), the Voltasol Pot is priced starting at €47.