Mökki Planter Looks Like A Mini-Backyard, Complete With Mood Lighting


If only my backyard looked as nice as this Mökki Planter, I’ll probably spend more time there than I do in the living room watching TV. Of course, I’d probably put a TV in the backyard, too, but at least it will get more use. Hey, I need my nightly fix of AMC.

A planter that looks better than my backyard? Yes, indeed. But that’s only because this planter looks like a mini-backyard that’s been landscaped to the hilt, complete with a large stone that emanates light from the inside, like an alien statue or a miraculous apparition.


Designed by Caterina Moretti for PECA, the Mökki is a simple rectangular box that could have turned out as boring as any regular planter. Except it’s been landscaped to the hilt, so it turned out impossibly cute. From the uneven soil distribution to the bushy growth along the corners to that rock where I will hide an extra set of keys if it were my backyard to that tall white rock serving as a lighting element on one side, this was thoughtfully put together, like a proper decorative centerpiece in any home should.


Construction is carrara marble for the planter box, with the LED lighting element housed inside a white onyx figure. The best part? You can totally customize this with your own additions, so you can whip out your landscaping skills to put together something special. Or horrific, depending on how the project turns out.   It measures 40 x 30 x 12 cm.


No pricing is listed, but the Mökki Planter is supposed to be available now.