CS 1 Table Uses Wood For The Top, Copper For A Leg, And Concrete For Another Leg


Combining materials to make furniture isn’t all that unusual. The way the CS 1 Collection’s materials are combined, though, definitely doesn’t fit the way materials tend to be mixed. It’s odd, yet so pretty, at the same time.

Designed by 24-year-old Swiss industrial designer Mathias Hintermann of Astfrei, it’s a two-piece set of tables that use California walnut wood for the top, plated copper for one leg, and concrete for the other. Seriously, it looks like they combined elements from different furniture and turned out something that somehow fits. And, yes, each table only has two legs, which makes the unique combination of materials even more remarkable.


CS 1 consists of two pieces: one side table and one coffee table. Both take on the same design, just with varying dimensions to accommodate their different uses in the living space. The top is shaped in a rectangular form, with rounded corners and a recessed area right above the cement leg, which you can use as a tray for holding pocket dumps, like keys, wallets, and coins.   Both the legs, by the way, look like peg legs, so this won’t be too out of place in a pirate-themed abode. That is, if anybody actually lives in a pirate-themed house (hey, people are weird, so you never know).

No pricing is listed for the CS 1, although the Astfrei website says it will be available in limited examples sometime this year.