Articulate Turns Old Phones Into Adjustable Desk Lamps


We’ve seen old iPhones turned into lamps before. The Articulate, though, integrates smartphones in an articulated arm, allowing you to use them as desk lighting whose focus you can adjust at will.

Sure, the LED on your iPhone, Galaxy S, or whatever other handset you’re using is not exactly an ideal replacement for a proper desk lamp. It’s perfectly serviceable, though, especially when you need a simple reading lamp at night in the bedroom or a little extra illumination when poring over documents on your home office desk. Plus, it can work entirely untethered to a power outlet (provided the phone is previously charged, of course), so you can use it when the power’s out.

Designed by Sherwood Forlee, Articulate’s arm has three points of articulation, with the dock able to rotate the mounted phone a full 360 degrees, so it offers plenty of flexibility in use. While designed to transform smartphones into lamps, it can also be used as an adjustable stand for holding your phone when watching movies, listening to music, or playing a game with a Bluetooth controller in tow. It can be adjusted fit most any existing smartphone, so it should work with any handset, past and present, still in your collection. Construction is machined and stamped aluminum, with some metalized 3D-printed ABS plastic parts.

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