Year Round Tape Lets You Create Customized, Tailored Calendar Charts On Any Surface


Much like any roll of tape, you can use the Year Round masking tape to bind items together. Unlike them, it comes in a set, with individual prints that allow you to use the tape to build your own scheduling calendar.

Made by Mo Man Tai Design, it’s a set of eight rolls of tape that you can use to create a calendar chart on any surface. Whether it be for your daily schedule, a project record, or holiday planning, you can create a customized calendar on your desk at work, at the wall by your bed, or even on the roof of your car by simply laying down multiple lengths of tape over them.


Two of Year Round’s rolls consists of days of the week: one from 01 to 14 and another from 15 to 31. There’s one roll for the months, two rolls for the days of the week, a red-colored divider, and two blank rolls for jotting down notes (one wide and one narrow). Each roll measures 10 meters long, allowing you to build a whole load of calendars with one set. As you can imagine, this paves the way for plenty of customization opportunities, allowing you to fashion a chart that’s completely tailored to your liking.


Available now, the Year Round is priced at €24.95 a set.