Sit Like You’re Riding A Horse In These Wire Bar Stools


Ever wish you can get drunk at a bar while pretending you’re riding a horse? Sure, just get drunk enough and you can feel as dizzy as a cowboy riding a wild horse at the rodeo. How about if you want to feel like you’re riding a horse right from the very first drink? Sure, just replace the seats in your home bar with these Wire Bar Stools.

Made by Danish furniture outfit Overgaard & Dyrman, it’s a set of bar stools with seats shaped like a horse saddle. That way, you can take those tequila shots while sitting in your best Lone Ranger posture, pretend-shooting bottles of spirits with finger guns while calling the bartender Tonto all night long.


Each of the Wire Bar Stool’s seats is made from both tooling leather and aniline leather using traditional saddle-making techniques, so it should bring the same amount of comfort (or discomfort, depending on how you look at things) as any actual horse saddle. Not a fan of the Lone Ranger? Not a problem, since it can be used in two ways: either sitting in cowboy mode with your feet on the sides or like a normal person with your feet in front. Just turn it 90 degrees to go from one position to another, so you can switch to using it like a normal stool when pretending you’re riding a horse eventually loses its charm somewhere during the course of the night.


Sold in both bar and counter heights, the Wire Bar Stool is available in a variety of finishes directly from Overgaard & Dyrman.