These Whistle Lamps Look Like Hanging Lab Flasks Fit For A Mad Scientist Lab


The Whistle Lamp, a new pendant lamp covered in glass, is supposed to resemble the shape of traditional whistles. I don’t know, they kind of look like lab flasks to me. Seriously, this looks like the perfect pendant light to give any mad scientist’s laboratory a much-needed touch of glamor.

Designed by Lucie Kordova Studio, it doesn’t depart much from the outfit’s previous pendant lamp projects. Like them, it combines a beautiful glass container with colorful elements inside it, leading to an effect that the project page describes as creating “an impression of the shade of an internal soul of the pendant and further define(ing) the precise shape of elongated pipes.” Again, mad scientists needing a little color in their drab laboratories, take notice – this thing will look great right over your test tubes of cultured alien matter or something.


Three sizes of Whistle lamps have been made for the collection, all of them using similar elements inside, leaving the outer glass pipes as the main defining characteristic for each one’s aesthetic. All the transparent glass, by the way, are hand-blown by Czech artisans, which the studio claims showcases the glassmakers’ “mastery of the material.”

You can see more pictures of the Whistle Lamp from the link below.