Metis Desk Hides Three Drawers, Two Lidded Compartments, And One Secret Storage Unit


When closed, Metis looks like an ordinary desk that you can use as a writing desk, a work space, or even a dining table. Inspect closely, though, and you’ll find a versatile work desk that hides a bevy of storage systems underneath that unassuming top.

Designed by Goncalo Campos for WeWood, it’s a work desk that’s armed with a bevy of storage units integrated into that thick tabletop, giving you a place to stash all your workspace gear, so you can keep the surface looking tidy and organized. Seriously, if all desks came with this much room for storage, workspaces should look a heck of lot less messy. Well, hopefully.


What kind of storage units are integrated into the Metis? For one, it has three pull-out drawers – two on one side, one on the opposite. There are also two sections on the table top that can be lifted like a lid to expose storage spaces underneath, with a slide-out panel on one of those spaces serving as an additional hidden storage for those things you’d rather keep to yourself. Like all modern desks, it comes equipped with integrated pathways for passing wires through, allowing you to save your work space from the unsightly mess of hanging cables. Made from solid oak, it measures 4.6 x 2.4 x 2.5 feet (w x d x h).


If you’re looking for a desk with maximum storage space without looking like one, we can’t imagine anything that comes close to Metis. Price isn’t listed, but you can inquire directly from WeWood.