Use The Wall Desk To Turn Any Area Of The House Into A Temporary Workstation


Like other laptop stands, you can position the Wall Desk on your workspace, propping up your computer’s display for better ergonomics during a long day of digital duties. Unlike them, it’s designed to move around, with an integrated facility for mounting onto walls.

Made by Danish design studio Nordic Appeal, it comes with hanging knobs that you can mount onto a wall, where you can then place the laptop stand for use as a temporary work table. If you want to be able to whip up the computer comfortably in more than one desk-starved area of the house, just install more knobs, immediately turning the spot into a viable on-demand workstation.


The Wall Desk is made from molded wood in the classic Scandinavian tradition, so it’s as decorative a piece as it is useful to have around. Aside from propping up a laptop’s display, you can also use it to tidy up a workstation when placed on a desk, with the space underneath perfectly sized to hide the mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals. Dimensions are 40 x 35 x 10 cm (d x w x h), with a weight of 700 grams.


While Nordic Appeal is insistent on marketing it for use with MacBooks, we’re pretty sure the Wall Desk should play fine with any laptop you have at home. It’s available now, priced at $210.