Your Backyard Is Now A Bird-Camping Spot With The Vintage Camper Birdhouse


Want to make your backyard look like a 50s-era camping ground? We’re not sure if these Vintage Camper Birdhouses will do that, but they sure look mighty adorable. I mean, look at them.

Designed to look like the classic Shasta campers from the 1950s, these things will look crazy cool scattered around the place. Whether mounted up a fence, hung by a tree, or placed anywhere else birds may want to swing by to chill, these things should bring that vintage camp ground aesthetic like no other.


Each of the Vintage Camper Birdhouses feature detailing that recalls the iconic campers of old, complete with a curved awning and those trademark wings. Instead of having an open door, birds can come inside the camper through a 1.5-inch round hole on the door – a choice the designer made to keep squirrels from crashing into the digs. It features marine-grade plywood construction, an aluminum layer for that classic silver look, brass fasteners, and a slide out bottom for easy cleaning. A single-screw mounting kit is included, although you can request for a three-point braided stainless steel cable if you plan to hang it.


Available in a variety of colors, the Vintage Camper Birdhouse is priced at $65.