A C-Clamp In The Back Allows The Vice Clock Metal To Mount Onto Surface Edges


At first glance, the Vice Clock Metal looks like it belongs on a side table or a desk, since you can set it down flush for keeping the time. Except, they actually offer versatile mounting options that allow you to place a clock in erstwhile unusual places.

Made by Polish outfit Poorex, the clock features a C-clamp in the back that allows it to be mounted on object edges. Want a clock on the edge of your cubicle wall? This will do the trick. How about at the edge of the shelf in the living room? Yep, that will work. How about on the edges of the dresser door or the dinner table or the TV in the kitchen? Yes, yes, and yes.


The Vice Clock Metal has a body consisting of a C-shaped bar, with the clock face on the vertical section and the clamp screwed on from the top. It comes painted in a shade of bright, bold red, ensuring it stands out wherever you have it set up.   Because of the clamp-on rear, you should be able to use it as a smaller C-clamp for holding various objects in place by the edge of a table, making it useful in places where clamps find regular use (e.g. for holding a piece of wood in place at the edge of your workshop bench). Construction is laser-cut and CNC-bent stainless steel, with a powder-coated finish.


Available now, the Vice Clock Metal is priced at $25.