UPJ Revives The 1969 UP Chair In Kiddie Form


Big fan of Gaetano Pesce’s UP Chair from 1989? Original creators B&B Italia just came up with a new kiddie-sized version for 2014 called UPJ.

Just like the classic seating furniture from over 40 years back, the piece comes with a playful design that makes it look like a chair straight out of a cartoon.   Actually, it embraces the original’s exact same design – just at smaller dimensions that make them suitable for kids.


Of the seven pieces in the original UP collection, the new UPJ recreates three in pint-size form: the UP 5 (the popular curvy armchair), the UP 2 (a round chair with a flat seat on top), and the UP 6 (a round ottoman). Like the original series, the chairs will be made from polyurethane foam with a polyester cover, allowing them to be shipped flatpacked, then take their final form, as the foam fills with air, right before your eyes. Yeah, kids are going to love that part.


Since these are very light furnishings with no corners or hard parts, they should make for ideal objects to use in play rooms and children’s bedrooms. Beyond sitting on them, we’re guessing kids can use these for play, pushing them around with no problem. All the pieces come in just a single color, though: bright red.


Check out B&B Italia’s website to learn more.