This UP Balloon Table Uses Air-Filled Sacs For Support… Not Really


Can eleven normal-sized party balloons have enough lift to support a glass tabletop? I don’t think they can, but this UP Balloon Table will definitely make you think the darn thing is possible.

Made by Duffy London, it’s a coffee table with a frame that looks like it consists of 11 colorful balloons individually tied to strings that are strewn around on the floor. Of course, they just look that way, so don’t even attempt recreating that at home with real balloons, unless you enjoy cleaning up broken glass shards and exposing yourself to potential injury.


The playful UP Balloon Table uses metal resin for the faux balloons and toughened steel rods for the strings, so they really are strong enough to give the round glass top the support it requires. It comes with a toughened glass tabletop that should survive the ravages of a busy living room, with its endless array of people putting their feet up on the table, using it to hold their drinks, and slamming on it every time someone fumbles a pass in the game they’re watching on TV. Dimensions are 19.7 inches tall and 47 inches in diameter, with four color options for the balloons (red, gold, silver, and mixed).


Limited to 25 units, the limited edition UP Balloon Table 2015 Edition is priced at £7,800.