This Concept Unibody Table Is Made Using Just A Single Piece Of Aluminum


The notion of building an entire furniture from a single sheet of metal doesn’t sound all that easy. That didn’t stop designer Bradley Fraser, though, who turned out this gorgeous ALS_1SS_01, a conceptual coffee table with a unibody aluminum construction.

While it looks like a full-sized coffee table from the picture, it actually isn’t. Instead, it’s a merely a design concept to test out his process, so it’s scaled-down in size, with a tabletop that measures just a hair under one foot in diameter.


Fraser used a single 3mm sheet of aluminum to create the ALS_1SS_01, laser-cutting all the edges, then bending the sections that comprise the legs. What’s interesting is that each leg is actually made up of two sections that were laser cut and bended into a complex curve, before being welded together to function as a sturdy support structure for the piece. According to the designer, it’s part of his continued experiments for his ongoing “from one sheet” concept, which explores different ways of producing objects without breaking the source material into different pieces. In this particular case, he cites the transition from the tabletop to the legs as the most interesting part of the piece, requiring both creative design and precise measurements to pull off correctly.


While the designer doesn’t appear to have immediate plans of constructing a full-size version of the ALS_1SS_01, he does note that the processes used in crafting it can be easily applied to a similarly-styled table at a bigger scale, so it could be something to look forward to down the line.