Unbutton Collection’s Sexy Drawers Features Unbuttoned Collars That Make You Want To Peek


Sometimes, a simple thing like unbuttoning a collar can do wonders for an outfit. And while furniture doesn’t come with a collar, it turns out giving it an unbuttoned collar can also do wonders for its overall aesthetic. At least, that’s the case with Christina Bulat’s Unbutton Collection.

Consisting of two side tables and a sideboard, they’re erstwhile regular-looking pieces of bedroom furnishing that would have played nice with a colorfully-decorated space. Except she added a collar on the top drawer that’s unbuttoned, allowing you to peek inside with a sneaky glance that will make you feel very dirty afterwards.


According to Bulat, the Unbutton Collection was inspired by 50s pin-up photography. You know, those pictures of burlesque beauties masquerading in skimpy suits on scenes that look equal parts sexy and playful. That explains much of the retro feel on these pieces, which feature rounded corners, clean lines, and natural finishing. That also explains why I kind of feel like a Peeping Tom trying to peek behind the collar. So, yeah, mission accomplished, Christina.

Construction is wood for the frame and MDF for the tables, with the drawers cut in solid wood. The collar, which also serves as a handle for the top drawer, is made using a 2mm steel sheet that’s plasma-cut, then curved by rolling, before being topped with a lime veneer. A transparent material sits behind the collar, so onlookers can successfully get a glimpse of whatever’s hiding inside.


The Unbutton Collection won first place at a national contest organized by REPA furniture during Bife-Sim 2014.