These UFO Soap Pumps Will Help Invade The Germs In Your Body


If alien abductions, anal probes, and being subjugated under an alien master race are things that keep you up at night, you probably won’t appreciate the humor behind these UFO Soap Pumps. Everybody else, on the other hand, will probably cherish having this playful soap dispenser hovering over their bathroom sinks.

Designed by Duncan Shotton, it’s a liquid soap dispenser clad in the likeness of an alien UFO engaged in the abduction of an Earthly creature using a laser tractor beam. Just like what actually happens in real life that the government knows full well about, but is choosing to ignore because… well… conspiracy. Or something like that.


The UFO Soap Pump’s disc-shaped spacecraft is actually the dispenser’s hull. Press on it and soap comes out of a nozzle located along the underside of the ship. Like any regular soap dispenser, it can handle all types of viscous liquids, including hand soaps, body wash, detergents, and whatever extraterrestrial lotion alien life forms masquerading on Earth use in order to appear like they’re a part of the human population.

Construction is plastic for nearly everything, except the silicon nozzle. It measures 112 x 112 x 222 mm.


Available in two variants, a yellow tractor beam abducting a human and a blue one airlifting a cow, the UFO Soap Pump is priced at £12.50.