A Hanging Design Lets You Customize These Turnbuckle Floating Shelves


Looking to add as many wall shelves as you can, while drilling the minimum amount of hardware up the wall? Do just that with these Turnbuckle Floating Shelves, which gives you eight differently-sized shelves you can set up in various configurations all while using just six or less mounting points.

Sadly, the “turnbuckle” in the name has nothing to do with pro-wrestling’s squared circle. Instead, we’re guessing the name comes from the mounting points resembling the turnbuckles you’re going to find in ring posts, so I guess there’s a small “wrasslin” connection all the same.


The Turnbuckle Floating Shelves comes with eight shelves: two large (55 x 11 x 1.77 inches), three medium (39 x 11 x 1.77 inches), and three small (23.5 x 11 x 1.77 inches). Each shelf is made from 93-year old reclaimed pine wood, so each piece varies in color and grain, giving them a unique aesthetic all their own. To install the shelves, mount the turnbuckles high up the wall, attach one metal cable to each, and insert the shelves into the cables, using the included the hardware to keep them in place. The shelves can be suspended in either four or five rows at varying positions, so you can customize the installation, depending on how you intend to use them. Whether for use in the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom, or any other area of the house, you can personalize the way the shelves are set up specifically for your needs.


Available from Dot&Bo, the Turnbuckle Floating Shelves are priced at $899.99.