Pie Chart-Inspired Times 4 Lets You Maintain A Mess-Free Coffee Table


It doesn’t take long to end up with a messy coffee table. Between remotes, printed matter, game controllers, drinking cups, and pocket dumps, it tends to fill up shortly within the course of the day (heck, on weekends, ours is messy before lunch). The Times 4 Coffee Table gives you a way to hide that mess instead.

Designed by Goncalo Campos for Polit, it’s a round coffee table with a storage compartment under the top that’s divided into four equal sections that are colored differently (powder blue, gray silk, light green, and old rose). Both the tabletop and the body have a fourth of its material cut off, exposing a fourth of the storage section, making the whole thing look like a three-dimensional pie chart of sorts.


Instead of leaving your stuff right on the tabletop, you can place it on an exposed storage area of the Times 4. Then, you simply rotate the bottom for the storage sections to expose a clean one in plain sight, hiding the mess and creating a cleaner coffee table, while still allowing easy access to any items you might need in a jiffy, whether it’s the Roku remote, the iPad, or a magazine you want to read.


It measures 83 x 26 cm (diameter x height), with a tabletop measuring 20mm thick. Construction is solid beech wood for the body and steel for the frame and storage divisions.


Available directly from Polit, the Times 4 Coffee Table retails for €1,446.