Thread Family Stools And Bistro Table Use Bolt-Like Connectors To Allow Adjustable Heights


If you’re in search of a suitable furniture for garages and workshops, we can’t imagine anything that works better than these stools and bistro table from the Thread Family. Finally, the erstwhile messy spaces in your house can get a proper dose of style.

Made by Coordination, the three items from the Thread Family use the same general design, consisting of a base frame with a nut at the center and a bolt-shaped top that screws onto the nut. Yes, it looks like giant fastening hardware that’s somehow been appropriated into functional furniture for the abode.


The Thread Family Small Stool and High Stool have seats measuring 12.6 inches in diameter, with a seat height that can be adjusted from 14.2 to 21.3 inches for the former and 21.3 to 28.3 inches for the latter. The Bistro table’s top, on the other hand, has a 21-inch diameter, with height that’s adjustable from 27.7 to 28.3 inches. In each of the pieces, the lathed upper portion consists of an American walnut top that’s connected to a threaded bolt at its bottom, which screws onto the welded all-steel tube frame. All tops are finished with hardwood oil to enhance the natural appearance, as well as allow smooth operation for the thread when adjusting the height. While the top and the bolt comes in a single dark brown color, the base is available in a variety of finishes, including sun, mint, slate, grass, plaster, creamberry, and other custom colors.


Available now, the Thread Family Stools and Bistro Table are available individually. Prices start at $980.