Forget Chopping Wood, You Can Use This Axe To Squeeze More Toothpaste From Its Tube


Just like other toothpaste tube squeezers, The Axe will help you draw every last bit of cleaning agent from that Colgate Optic White in the bathroom sink. Unlike them, it’s designed to look like a miniature hatchet for no valid reason whatsoever. And it’s awesome.

Handmade in New Zealand by independent jeweler, I Am WoRm, it looks like a decorative tiny axe that will work great hanging on a pendant, hooked onto a key ring, or plastered with magnets on the fridge door. And you can totally use it that way. Except it can also be used as a tube squeezer, so you can make that toothpaste last until grocery day on the weekend.


The Axe features a handle with a wide slit where you can insert the toothpaste tube, pushing all of its contents towards the front. The axe head doesn’t appear to be sharpened, so you can’t use it to hack the tube in half, in case nothing will come out anymore and you just want to scrape the inside for any remaining paste. Something tells me it could be sharpened with a little work, though, so maybe take the knife sharpener from the kitchen and work it a bit to get the darn blade to hack stuff like an actual axe. Hey, it’s worth the try.

Available from Triumph and Disaster, The Axe retails for NZD $99.