Teuco Hydroline Smoothens The Whirlpool Tub With Flush-Fit Nozzles


We don’t have any problems with the jet nozzles on existing whirlpool bathtubs. But, hey, if someone wants to improve it, we won’t stop them and that’s exactly what they did with the Teuco Hydroline.

Described as an “invisible whirlpool,” Teuco’s new nozzle design sits flush against the wall of the tub. Seriously, it’s like they just sliced out holes along the tub walls that, somehow, managed to function as massaging jets.


Not only do the flush-fit nozzles of the Teuco Hydroline shoot out water like regular whirlpool tubs, they are also able to swivel along an axis, so you can direct the massaging jets towards specific parts of the body. The nozzles can deliver water at a pressure force of 400 grams (equivalent to a professional hand massage), with each one backlit by onboard LEDs that can be set in any one of eight colors. Automatic sanitizing is also integrated into the system (pump, jets, and tub surface are automatically disinfected), along with the hermetic sealing of jets and suction when the whirlpool feature is not in use.


The jets will first appear in the company’s Nauha and Wilmotte acrylic bathtub models, where they will be available in three configurations. The Basic model is a standard whirlpool tub with six Hydroline jets; the Hydrosilence, on the other hand, features eight jets, while reducing sound emissions by 70 percent; the premium configuration, Hydrosonic, uses Hydroline whirlpool jets and six Hydroline ultrasound jets, enabling a deep and intense water massage treatment.

You can find out more directly from Teuco’s website.