Dress Up Your Record Player With The Tanner Goods Turntable Slipmat


Chances are, your turntable gets a lot of attention when someone inspects your home entertainment system. And that’s a good enough reason to consider dressing it up with just a little more style. The easiest way is to trade in the standard felt slipmat that came with your system into this beautiful Tanner Goods Turntable Slipmat.

Not only will it upgrade your turntable in the style department, it should sound better, too. With way less of the static and the dust that comes with felt mats, it should help play your favorite vinyl the way they were meant to be heard.


Sized for 12-inch turntables, the Tanner Goods Felt Slipmat is cut from a single piece of 5-oz. English Bridle Leather, giving it what the product page describes as “exceptional sound dampening properties.” With a flesh-like color profile, it’s guaranteed to stand out at a glance, with Tanner Goods’ hand-stamped, signature geoglyph pattern completing the pronounced look. And, yes, we’re certain you get away with telling guests in your home that those patterns are actually ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that endow your turntable with blessings from the ancient music gods. And, no, Neil Young is actually not that ancient.


Available now, the Tanner Goods Turntable Slipmat is priced at $60.