Symbol Audio’s Stereo Console Puts A High-End Audio System Inside A Furniture-Grade Media Stand


A clean-looking media cabinet means integrating as much gear as you can with the main structure. Doing that won’t be too hard with Symbol Audio’s Stereo Console, a media stand that packs a collection of useful features.

Designed by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond, it’s a media console with integrated speakers built into the top. That way, you don’t need to bother setting up a speaker system for your listening needs – just hook up your TV, music player, or whatever media source you’re using to enjoy.


The Stereo Console has a pretty badass audio system, too, promising “pure, rich sound” emanating from the “furniture-grade cabinet” that’s been engineered to optimize sound quality and clarity. It features a 2.1-channel Class D amplifier (with two RCA analog inputs, which you switch between using the included remote), 4-inch full-range stereo speakers with titanium cone, a subsonic filter on the subwoofer channel, and an 8-inch woofer with rubber surround. The top has enough space to accommodate a large TV, with integrated power outlets and component storage in the back for hiding set-top boxes and similar gear. Got a lot of media gear? Not a problem, as it’s expandable with storage bins that can tack on underneath the speaker cabinet, allowing you to add storage space for records, BD players, and TV receivers. The console is handcrafted from solid wood, with either a low-sheen lacquer finish or your choice of walnut veneers, while the base is cut in natural steel.


Available now, pricing for the Symbol Audio Stereo Console starts at $3,695.