Swirl Faucet Dispenses A Mesmerizing Swirling Lattice Of Water


Faucets are among the most utilitarian items in any home, serving its purpose of dispensing water first and foremost. And while there’s no shortage of luxury options for well-heeled homeowners when it comes to fancier faucets, they’re usually all for show, with the piece serving no more different in function than a PVC tap you can buy at Home Depot. The Swirl, on the other hand, does something else.

Designed by Simin Qiu, it looks like one of those higher-end designs that you’d normally see outfitted on fancier hotels and wealthy homes. Except, it does much more, as you’ll quickly notice as soon as you turn on the tap.


Swirl uses a system of turbines that cause water to come out in an interlaced structure of swirling streams that consist of multiple jets of water.   Seriously, the water looks like it’s a three-dimensional solid object with the intricate, repeating pattern. Even better, it’s actually not designed for mere novelty, as the designer claims the swirling function can reduce water consumption by up to 15 percent, allowing you to use less of the resource to carry out the same tasks. Do note, you’ll almost certainly end up watching the water flow out of this faucet over and over, even after you’re done, so we doubt you’ll end up saving any water in the end.

Inside the faucet, Swirl uses a turbine group that rotates in opposite directions in response to the flow of water, causing the tap to dispense the pleasantly-swirling 3D lattice. Multiple exit points on the turbine enable the multiple jets, which could make using the sink a much more fascinating endeavor than usual.

Check out the design concept from Behance.