These Sushi Towels Tidy Up Into Delicious-Looking Maki Rolls


If you’re going to keep hand towels rolled up somewhere in the kitchen, it might as well be ones that look like they really belong in the kitchen, so the husband won’t ever get any idea about grabbing it to wipe off some grease he spilled in the garage. These Sushi Towels definitely fit the bill.

Designed by Jenny Pokryvailo for OTOTO, it’s a set of hand towels that look like they’re giant slices of sushi when all rolled up. Granted, they won’t fool anyone since the texture is obviously that of soft cotton fabric like any decent hand towel, but a pile of fake giant sushi sure sounds like a whole lot of fun, compared to boring hand towels stacked in a pile.


The Sushi Towels achieve the neat trick by having different colors and patterns printed at strategic parts of each towel. When folded and rolled in a very specific way, they come out looking like supersized versions of those bite-sized rolls people consume by the plateful at Japanese joints. They come in four styles: salmon roll, tuna roll, crab roll, and tamago roll, each of which can fold into a lookalike of their sushi namesakes. Of course, you can also get creative and roll it in alternative ways, just to see what other types of maki lookalikes you can produce using each towel.

While not yet available, the Sushi Towels will likely come out soon, considering OTOTO’s fondness for goofy, whimsical kitchen items.