Give Your Walls A Fresh Aesthetic With Submaterial’s New Wool Felt And Cork Wall Coverings


Want to do something about a blank wall, but not really fond of hanging another art print or installing another shelf? Maybe you can cover it up instead with these gorgeous Wool Felt and Cork Wall Coverings from Submaterial.

These aren’t new patterns, by the way. Instead, the outfit took two of the most popular patterns in their Construct wallhanging line and decked them in the new material, allowing homeowners to adorn their walls with the unique textures and natural noise-softening qualities of wool felt and natural cork.


According to Submaterial, both of the patterns come “scaled large for whole-room impact,” with each section measuring 12 x 24 inches. Based on what we see in the pictures, we have to agree – the designs do seem grand, especially when viewing a larger chunk of the room. The first design, called Figure 1 (above), features sinuous lines that flow in serpentine patterns designed to repeat when installed over a large area. The second, called Figure 2 (below), is more geometric, with strong architectural elements. Both patterns come with multiple installation variations, so you can have two walls using the same design look slightly different, with 42 choices in color and custom color-blocking options.


No pricing is listed, but you can check out the Submaterial website to learn more.


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