Stumble Upon Sofa Morphs A Carpet Into Seating Furniture


Imagine putting a bench in the living room. Then laying down a carpet in front of it. Instead of putting the carpet under the bench, however, you lay it right over, covering the bench as the carpet falls back down the floor. That’s kind of what happened with this Stumble Upon Sofa, a carpet that morphs into a couch in one continuing sweep.

Yes, it’s an area rug you can put in your living room that also just happens to be the sofa in the same living room. So when you sit on the sofa, you’re actually sitting on the carpet. And when you walk on the sofa, you’re actually still walking on the carpet. And when you clean the carpet, you’re actually cleaning the sofa, too. Yeah, it’s a trip.


Designed by Alessandro Isola, the Stumble Upon Sofa features a sturdy carbon fiber structure under the ridged section of the carpet, allowing it to function as regular seating furniture. It comes with a sloping backrest and a seat that tapers down on one end, making the ridges look like an accidental carpet kink that you absolutely cannot fix. That seat design allows it to serve as a regular seating furniture on one end and a chaise lounge of sorts towards the other, making for one weird furniture that just got even weirder. Oh yeah, it also hides a bookcase underneath one end of the seat, just in case you want to see one more trick get pulled out of its hat.


You can learn more about the Stumble Upon Sofa from Alessandro’s website.