Bring A Minimalist Seafaring Aesthetic To Your Home With The Stelton Ship’s Lamp


Ship lamps may no longer be as ubiquitous in sailing ships as they were many decades back, but that doesn’t mean they’ll no longer find a place in the modern landscape. In fact, the rustic seafaring aesthetic of vintage lamps are alive and well in many homes, where they’re often employed as decorative lighting elements. While it’s not a vintage antique like many such lamps in the market, the Stelton Ship’s Lamp feels every bit just as authentic.

Originally designed back in 1982 by Erik Magnussen, the lamp seeks to update the classic seafaring lamp with a minimalist design. It’s among the many stainless steel and plastic tabletop objects crafted for Stelton by Magnussen, who also did furniture for Fritz Hansen and Paustian, along with a rich body of work.


The Stelton Ship’s Lamp can run on either kerosene or oil, with a slim cylinder-shaped glass structure containing the flame and keeping wind out. Like many ship lamps, it comes with an integrated handle for easy carrying, which you can also use to hang it on a hook for illuminating a room from above. Construction is satin-polished 18/8 stainless steel for everything but the glass cover, which was slimmed down in order to minimize the amount of glass used. It measures 27 cm in diameter and 43 cm tall.

Available now, the Stelton Ship’s Lamp retails for £489.