These 3D-Printed Stalaclights Will Make Your House Look Like A Cave


Want to make your house look like a cave? Not a problem with these Stalaclights, a set of “bulb shades” that hang miniature skyscrapers upside down from your lightbulbs. Yes, they look like the stalactites you can find hanging in many caves.

Designed by David Graas for Layers in Design, the shades won’t just raise your home’s cave aesthetic by putting fake mineral formations that hang down from the ceiling. Since it’s made from white plastic, it dampens a lot of the bulb’s glow, too, ensuring your surroundings will be as dark as a cave when you install this on every ceiling bulb in the abode. Finally, you can live out your caveman fantasies without ever leaving the apartment.


The Stalaclights come in three different skyscraper designs, each one measuring close to 10 inches long. That way, unless you have a low ceiling, you won’t run in risk of running into it frequently (not that it won’t be fun, but it will probably minimize potential damage to the lighting fixtures). It’s designed for use strictly with LED lights, by the way, since they hardly generate any heat, making it safe to wrap the mounting base around it. All the designs are based on skyscrapers from the Art Deco era, which is around that time the first high-rises started popping up in major American cities.   All shades are 3D-printed.

Each Stalaclight comes with a 5.5-watt LED bulb, a lamp holder, a ceiling cap, and 2.5 meters of cable. It’s available now from Layers in Design, priced at €185.