Staeckler Shoe Hook Displays Your Sneakers On The Wall


A shoe rack gives you a suitable space to store all your shoes. Considering that shoe racks take up valuable floor space, those who purchase more than their fair share of footwear can end up running out of space sooner than later. This is why making use of vertical surfaces can be such a useful thing when it comes to storing a growing supply of kicks. The Staeckler is designed to help you do just that.

Described as “a shoe display system for sneaker lovers,” it’s a wall hook that shows off your shoes the same way they’re usually displayed on a rack, facing forward at onlookers, so folks can admire the entirety of its form. Small and unobtrusive, it takes up very little space on the wall, all while providing a function few other fixtures can offer.


The Staeckler clips onto the back of your sneakers to secure them on the wall, so they should work with most any shoe that has a heel, even non-sneakers. Taller high-tops may have a tough time fitting, although most other athletic footwear, from running shoes to Chuck Taylors to reasonably-sized basketball shoes, should be fine.   To use, simply mount a pair of the hooks up a wall with an inch or so between them and you’re set. The hooks can either be mounted using adhesive pads (if you plan to use it with lightweight footwear) or screws/wall anchors (if you’re storing heavier shoes).


Available now, the Staeckler is priced at $12 a pair.