Sputnik 5 Satellite-Inspired Coffee Table Integrates A Planter So You Can Add A Living, Growing Centerpiece


A potted plant on a coffee table is a great way to give it a little more color and vibrance. Finding a planter that goes nice with your coffee table, though, isn’t always an easy undertaking. The Sputnik 5, a coffee table with an integrated recessed planter in the middle, makes it simpler.

Designed by Maxim Scherbakov of Plan-S23, it features a pyramid shaped section under the tabletop where you can put soil and allow the plant to grow its roots. The top of the pyramid is a skeletal frame that sits over the tabletop, serving as extra accent for the plant as it grows out of the recessed area, as well as a protective barrier to ensure the plant doesn’t get covered up when someone throws a book or a magazine down on the table.


Named after the Russian satellite which carried the first two space dogs that successfully made it back to Earth, the Sputnik 5 liberally references it in the table’s design language, too, with geometric shapes that won’t look too odd orbiting the planet in outer space. It’s built using a series of components that include a white metal frame (cubic on the outside, trapezoid on the inside), a marble housing with oak shelf supports under it, a smaller skeletal pyramid at the center, and a marble tabletop. The tabletop, by the way, can be removed to turn it into a fancy-looking flower stand for showing off whatever plant you have growing inside.


You can see more pictures of the Sputnik 5 from Plan-S23’s Tumblr blog.