Silk Bulbs Mimic Sunlight All Day To Keep Your Circadian Rhythms In Sync


At first, it might seem like the Silk is just another connected LED bulb, no different than the Philips Hues of the world. But, it isn’t. Instead, it’s a bulb built to promote the body’s natural circadian rhythms by mimicking natural sunlight all throughout the day.

That’s right, your home will be as bright as it is outside, whether at 6AM, 5PM, or any other time in between. Well, except at night when it’s dark, of course. Any other time the sun is out the bulb will automatically adjust to match the changing sun, so you can enjoy brightness equivalent to sunlight without the UV rays and the blistering heat that come with it.


Made by Saffron, the Silk bulb will provide warm light at night and cool light in the day, prompting your body to prepare for rest with the former and energizing it for work with the latter. The idea is to get the right amount of light exactly when your body expects it, so you actually feel sleepy at night and ready to work in the day, the way nature intended. It does this by adjusting the bulb’s color temperature, gradually changing from 2700 K when you’re sleeping to 4600 K as you leave for work to 6500 K at noon to 2700 K again when it’s time for bed. It fits all E27-type sockets and comes with an accompanying app, where you can set time zones, control dimming, and adjust various settings.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Silk bulb. Pledges to reserve a set of three starts at $99.