Siemens Foodlab Lets You Set Up A Stylish Kitchen In A Jiffy


Got the space for a well-equipped kitchen, not yet sure how you want it to look like? You’ll probably want something like the Siemens Foodlab, a modular culinary station that you can arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content.

Designed by Studio Rygalik, it’s an open kitchen consisting of interrelated modules that can be moved via caster wheels. Each module is held in a wooden cargo box, with all the different appliances and equipment stocked in their respective compartments.


The Siemens Foodlab is intended for use in live cooking demos, culinary workshops, and similar events that require a pop-up kitchen to be installed in a jiffy. Just load the modules off the truck, push them to the venue, and arrange them in whatever configuration serves you best. While the modules come separately, they’re intended to look like an integrated set up when laid in any desired configuration, the way a kitchen in a thoughtfully-designed home or restaurant would look like, rather than an impromptu mess. Set comes with its own cooktops, oven, fridge/freezer, work area, and even an herb garden, along with numerous compartments for holding other kitchen appliances, cookware, and supplies.


You can see more pictures of the Siemens Foodlab from Designboom.