Crystal Clear Shupua Glass Is Unbreakable


Glass drinkware will always be classier than plastic, but they’re also more brittle, making them a lot less safe to use with kids (or drunk people) around. The Shupua Glass lets you keep things classy without the hazards of breakage.

No, it’s not made from some advanced type of shatter-proof glass. Instead, it’s actually silicone that happens to be crystal clear.   No, we don’t mean a little translucent like some silicone glasses we’ve seen in the past, but a silicone glass that looks like legit glass no matter what angle you look at it.


Since it’s made from silicone, the Shupua Glass can be dropped, thrown, and even smashed with a sledgehammer without breaking, allowing you to look classy while you sip on cheap beer with none of the dangers of using actual glass that gets slippery when you’re partying by the poolside. It actually exhibits all the other things we know about silicone, like being squishy, so while it eliminates the danger of kids dropping the glass, you better watch out for naughty little ones who like to make their drinks jump by squeezing on the glass (yeah, you trade in one problem for potentially another).


Oh yeah, silicone is also kind of insulating, which means using these should minimize condensation when you’re drinking icy, cold drinks on a hot, humid day. Each one measures 8.7 x 10.5 cm (d x h), with a capacity of 260 ml. It’s actually microwave-safe, too (maximum 200 degrees Celsius, though), although it can’t be used with freezers and dishwashers.

For now, the Shupua Glass appears to be available strictly in japan