These Sheepskin Bean Bags Level Up Sophistication For The Dorm Room Staple


Beanbags have long been the staples of dorm rooms and sparsely-provisioned bachelor pads, so we leave them when we move on to join the world as full-fledged responsible adults. That doesn’t mean we can’t have cozy beanbags around the digs, though. They just need to be stylish enough like these Sheepskin Bean Bags to to fit in with the rest of your adult home.

Made by Parker Wool, you can think of these as grown-up takes on the well-loved but absolutely juvenile beanbag chairs. They’re classy enough to fit in even with the most sophisticated interiors, all while retaining the lazy comfort that beanbags have delivered over the years.


The Sheepskin Bean Bag is made with natural sheepskin, giving it a shaggy appearance that enhances both the look of the chairs and the feel when brushing up against your skin. It comes in two sizes: 3 feet and 6 feet, with the latter looking more like a chaise lounge or a day bed than a regular beanbag chair. Four colors are offered, namely ivory, linen, skin, and vole.


If you’re ready to add some lazy lounging to the living room, bedroom, or study, these Sheepskin Bean Bags look well-equipped to do the trick. They’re available directly from Parker Wool, priced at $1,200.