These Scribble Rugs Look Like They’re Adorned With Children’s Crayon Doodles


Ever had kids ruin a new carpet by endlessly doodling on it with a crayon? Yeah, it’s not that uncommon. If you’re worried about the same thing happening again, maybe you can just embrace the crayon doodlings and replace them with these Scribble Rugs instead.

Designed by Swedish collective Front for Moooi Carpets, the rugs look like someone took giant crayons and decided to “decorate” the floor covering to their own liking. Seriously. The results, though, are surprisingly beautiful, making it appear like your mischievous kids and their dastardly crayons may have been on to something all along. Now, if only you can find giant crayons…


Each Scribble Rug measures roughly 78.7 x 118.1 inches, with small variations in shape to go with the child-like doodle designs. Of course, the presentation of the designs is a bit more planned and deliberate than what your kids usually do, so that probably helped a lot in leaving it with an affable aesthetic. It comes in six designs, with each one coming in a variety of crayon-like colors. Aside from the unusual designs, the rugs are pretty standard for Moooi Carpets, using similar materials and printing tech as the rest of their line, so expect the same durable floorings with high-quality color reproduction.


You can purchase the Scribble Rugs directly from Moooi.