Sam Son Chair Brings Playful Character Using Oversized Proportions


Ever wondered what the world will look like if everything around us look the way they do in cartoons? I’m guessing it’s probably colorful, with playful angles and several elements that make no sense other than to bring a smile to our faces. If that scenario ever became real, we have a feeling this Sam Son Chair is going to fit right in.

Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Magis, it’s a strange-looking armchair with exaggerated proportions that bring out the cartoon-like characteristics. We’re not even sure if looking like a cartoon object is what the designer was going for in this case, but it’s certainly one of the most fitting chairs to have around when hosting a party that a group of cosplaying furries are attending. Or something like that.


The Sam Son chair measures 111 x 70 x 77 cm (w x h x d), with a seat positioned a little bit on the low side. Yes, any furry sitting on it is going to look way oversized, which drives the goofy cartoon aesthetic even further. It features an oversized U-shape tube that serves as both the backrest and the armrest, with a suspended seat that’s equally as curvy. To achieve the chair’s unusual lines, it’s made from two types of polyethylene (a rigid plastic for the lower sections and a more elastic polymer for the upper components) that have been rotationally molded. Four colors are available: red, curry, white, and gray, all of them in a matte finish.


Learn more about the Sam Son from Magis.