This Rubber Band Pillow Can Prove More Useful Than You Imagine It To Be


Rubber bands are great for binding things together and annoying people by shooting it into their face. Using them as accent pieces for the house, however, sounds like an exercise that’s doomed right off the gates. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be the case, as this Rubber Band Pillow demonstrates.

A throw pillow with thousands of rubber bands sewn on one side, it makes for a really different piece to keep in the living room couch. Not only does the multitude of rubber bands suggest an air of playfulness, it gives your guests something to busy themselves with, too, allowing your fidgety friends to tug at the rubber bands, your creative buds to try to loop them into shapes, and your weird cousins who come over uninvited to smell the rubber bands for whatever joy it might bring their way.


The Rubber Band Pillow measures 18 x 18 inches, with a front panel that’s covered entirely in those cheap rubber bands you can purchase by the boxes from the office supplies store. There seems to be no pattern for either the arrangement or the color selection for the stretchy loops, so everything is random, making for a somewhat unique pillow each time out. Since these are real rubber bands, you can use them to hold stuff temporarily, allowing you attach a whole load of items to the pillow, including the remote, your wallet, magazines, and whatever else you’d otherwise leave scattered on the coffee table. See, it can prove pretty really handy in more ways than one.

Available now, the Rubber Band Pillow retails for $75.