Round Square Teaware Uses Simple Shapes To Evoke An Emotional Connection


Minimalist tableware tend to be more utilitarian than decorative, but that doesn’t always need to be the case. At least, that not how it is with the Round Square Teaware, a minimalist set of tableware for serving tea that’s unusually stylish.

Designed by Chuntso Liu for Koan Design Co., the set consists of a teapot and a pair of tea cups, each one bearing nothing other than round and square shapes. While using just simple silhouettes, they manage to evoke a unique aesthetic – one that evokes admiration, despite what should have been a pedestrian outcome.


In Round Square Teaware, the teapot comes with a round body, a round cover, and a square handle attached using square pegs, with the round cups’ form broken only by a square nub jutting out of one side. Like we said, it’s simple, but designed from the start to evoke an emotional feeling, despite the apparent simplicity. Granted, you’re going to have to hope they make this from a heat-trapping material, since the lack of any actual handle on the cups mean you’ll have to grip them with your hand, using the nub as extra leverage. And, yes, that means you can burn your hand with piping hot tea freshly-poured inside if the material isn’t quite as forgiving.


You can see more pictures of the Round Square Teaware from Liu’s website.