Rocking Swing Combines A Rocking Chair And Playground Swing In One Fun-Looking Hybrid


Someone combined a swing and rocking chair. Why? Because it sounds awesome. The result is this Rocking Swing, a chair that can swing and rock your body to your heart’s content.

Created by industrial designers, Tobias Nickerl and Clara Rivière, the chair actually resembles a playground swing, complete with the frame, albeit with a much shorter length of rope holding the seat. As such, it can’t exactly make big swings the way its counterparts in the playground will, although it does add the rocking motion, so it should be an entirely cool (and, possibly, fresh) sensation all the same.


The Rocking Swing has a metallic frame that’s designed to shift weight from front to back and vice versa, creating the rocking motion. At the top of the frame, which also serves as the arm rests, sit a set of built-in holes for threading in ropes that hold the leather seat, which is attached to a separate metal frame with a skeleton backrest. The chair is intentionally installed higher in proportion to normal swings, in order to facilitate the rocking motion while allowing some room to swing back and forth.


We’re not entirely sure how accident-proof this thing is, but a single glance at it should be enough to convince you that it’s a whole lot of fun. Plus, they seem to have intentionally limited the movement to avoid large motion, which should minimize the chances of anyone falling or the entire thing tipping over.

You can learn more about the Rocking Swing from the link below.