This Mount Uses An Old Bike Frame To Hang Your Bike Up The Wall


When you’re short on floor space, hanging a bicycle up the wall is a terrific way to minimize its footprint. And there are plenty of options for gear that can help you do just that. This Upcycled Bike Frame Wall Hanger, however, has to be one of the more interesting.

No, it’s not smaller, stronger, or even much more aesthetically-pleasing than the growing amount of bike mounts out there. What makes it special, though, is the fact that it’s made from a recycled bicycle frame, essentially completing the circle for the part, going from a bicycle to an accessory that cyclists can use.


Created by Raitis Gocentas, the Upcycled Bike Frame Wall Hanger is made from a section of an old steel bike frame with the paint stripped off, leaving it with an industrial, raw-metal appearance. It measures 16.5 x 8.25 inches (d x h), so there’s plenty of area to hang your bike from, with clear vinyl applied to the long stretch of steel that serves as the mounting area to ensure it doesn’t scratch your favorite bicycle’s frame. The frame is attached to a birch plywood backing for easier installation, with the stained and varnished finish lending a nice contrast to the raw metal part.


While Gocentas is selling the mount on Etsy ($120), he also recently shared how to make your own in an Instructable. That way, those with unused bike frames rotting in the garage might be able to give them a fresh lease on life.