Obsolete Fuse Boxes Find New Life As Re-Fuse Candlesticks


Old fuse boxes that have been relegated to obsolescence generally go the way of other objects past their lifespans, ending up as waste that joins the rest of the trash piled up across landfills. Like many things from the olden days, though, they contain plenty of beautifully-made components, some of which, thankfully, find new life in these Re-Fuse Candlesticks.

Created by Stockholm-based designer Ninna Kapadia, it’s a series of candleholders constructed from parts and screws salvaged out of fuse boxes that have been put out of commission. With the materials being sourced from old electrical fixtures, the resulting chambersticks bring an industrial aesthetic that makes for a unique addition to any room.


The Re-Fuse Candlesticks make extensive use of ceramic fuses to hold the actual pillars, with a selection of other salvaged copper parts and screws used to create the rest of the structures. Kapadia collects each component from the scrap heap, then sorts, cleans, and puts them together into their new form. The collection comes in a variety of configurations, some holding individual candles and others combining slots for multiple pillars, with the pre-drilled holes on the various parts dictating much of the resulting assembly.


You can see the rest of the collection from Kapadia’s website.