Show Off Your Favorite Record Covers With The Queue Display Rack


If you’re an avid record collector, chances are, you wouldn’t mind showing off choice pieces in your vinyl collection. And we can’t imagine anything better at showcasing special records than the Queue, a wall-mounted record display rack.

Made by HaroldHarold, it lets you show off up to four 12-inch vinyl covers at a time, giving you the option to have your favorite adorning the wall. Whether you use it for your favorite album covers, your most played records, or just a playlist queue, this piece will hold your records up in stylish form like few other wall storage solutions could.


The Queue display rack uses a tongue and groove system that allows you to easily slip your favorite album covers from the sides both for putting in and for taking out. While only four records can displayed visibly, it’s deep enough a few extra records in the back, so you can use it to hold a playlist of albums you want to listen to in the next couple of days. It’s designed to mount easily using four brass screws (included), so you should be able to set it up without much fuss. The pictured item is made from American walnut, although it can be ordered in any North American wood species.


Available now, the Queue is priced at $85.