Q5 Chair Is Constructed Using Side-By-Side Triangles


According to Ukranian design firm ODESD2, the Q5 Chair is an homage to Buckminster Fuller, the renowned architect and inventor of the geodesic dome. We’re not entirely sure what about the chair pays tribute to Fuller’s legacy (we’re guessing the side-by-side triangles), but if any man deserved homage, the former president of Mensa definitely qualifies.

Made up entirely of cut and folded triangular panels, the chair features an eye-catching geometric shape that makes it look like origami at first glance. If you’re good at origami, we’re, pretty sure, you can come up with a way to recreate this with a few strategic folds, making for a chair that looks equal parts playful and stylish.


The Q5 Chair is made up entirely of triangles, from the legs to the seat to the backrest, with clean lines that make each one feeling like a continuation of the one next to it.   Made from aluminum alloy, it boasts a lightweight and durable construction, with a choice in felt, leather, or fabric upholstery on the seat and backrest for warmth and comfort. It can be ordered in a variety of colors. Personally, I’d love to have this paired with a similarly triangle-themed dining table for a fancy geometric dining set.


Available directly from ODESD2, the Q5 Chair is priced at €347.