PushmiPullyu Is A Side Table With Two Faces


Remember the Doctor Doolittle character with two heads on either end of its body? Well, that’s the inspiration behind the PushmiPullyu, a table with a cutout face on either end of its length.

Designed by Chris Jackson for Northwards Design, it doesn’t quite look like a two-headed llama the way its namesake character did. Instead, it’s a playful side table that should make a fun addition next to your child’s bed.

The PushmiPullyu has playful lines, sides that look like flappy ears, and an overall charming quality that makes it look like a friendly pet than a simple article of furniture. More importantly, it has two cutout faces, with a happy expression on one end and a sad one on the other, so kids can choose what mood their pet furniture will take for the day. Both faces are recessed rather than sticking out of the ends, so adults can use it themselves when the kids want a new side table instead, positioning it sideways to obscure the cartoon faces. Made entirely from 12mm Baltic birch plywood, each piece is CNC machined before being hand-assembled. It measures 47 x 37.5 x 25 cm.

Available as a made to order piece directly from Northwards Design, the PushmiPullyu is priced at $249.