Pulk Is A Storage Bench Made To Look Like A Classic Wooden Sled


A sled inside the house doesn’t exactly make for the most pleasing sight. At least, that’s what I thought. What if you made a sled that’s purpose built to blend with a stylish home’s décor? That’s exactly what happened with the Pulk, a piece of indoor furniture that actually looks like it should be gliding downhill in the snow.

Designed by Herman Cph and made by Hans Knudsen Institute, it’s a bench and trunk storage that’s been fashioned to look like a traditional wooden sled. It even comes complete with long, sweeping runners, making it unsurprising if the kids actually took it out and tried riding it in the snow.


Although it look like it can glide in snow, we’re not actually sure if the Pulk can actually be ridden as a functional toboggan. What we’re sure of, however, is that it can make for a sturdy bench, as well as a very useful trunk storage for keeping smaller items out of sight. The size and design makes it well suited to serving as extra seating and storage for living rooms, bedrooms, and similar lounging areas.

It features oiled and smoked oak wood slats, which are braided together using Latigo leather. The runners, which serve as the bench’s legs and frame, are made from metal.


The Pulk is only a concept prototype for now, with no planned production on the horizon.