Poster Wall Lamp Is Made From A Single Sheet Of A2 Paper


We hang posters up our wall, often without much thought, since we can pluck it out easily if it ever ends up clashing with the aesthetic of a room. It’s extremely convenient. The same can be said of Poster, a wall lamp built upon the idea of installing lighting fixtures with the same ease.

Designed by Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto of YOY, it’s a series of wall lamps that use an A2-size paper as its base. Combining small electrical components with the paper, it’s able to ship flat, making for a wall lamp that you can transport as conveniently as a piece of cardboard.


Poster comes with creatively-placed cuts along the paper’s surface that turns into a lampshade when it’s mounted up a wall, creating an unexpected effect that’s a huge departure from the flat piece of paper you originally get. Like regular posters, you can tape it or pin it to a wall, as well as custom-shape the shade by varying the way the paper is mounted to the wall surface. It measures 42 x 59 x 12 cm.


As of now, Poster appears to be strictly a design concept. The simplicity of the materials, however, makes it plausible to do something like this DIY for even absolute novices.