Pool Chair Comes With A Pool Ladder In The Rear Frame


Take the ladder out of the swimming pool, attach an extra pair of legs on it, and put a seat on the top step. That’s, pretty much, what they did with the Pool Chair, an armchair inspired by the appearance of the ladder that sits at the end of most swimming pools.

Created by YOIN Design & Craft, it was borne from the designer’s childhood memories of spending time at the swimming pool. In those recollections, grabbing the ladder signified safety and comfort, giving you a respite from the depths of the pool’s still water.


The Pool Chair features a rear frame that looks exactly like a pool ladder, complete with arched top handles that now serve as the chair’s pair of armrests. Like with the pool ladder, you’re supposed to grab onto those armrests when mounting the chair, stirring up the same feelings of safety and comfort that you experienced when grabbing onto the ladder back when you were a child. It’s made both as a standard-sized chair and a tall one, with the latter likely to be ideal for the mini-bar you’ve set up in the backyard pool.


Currently a prototype concept, you can learn more about the Pool Chair from the designer’s website.